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Dr. Kirtley is presently the only one of three dentists worldwide who has been Accredited by both the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He lectures internationally on Smile Design and teaches dentists how to perfect their skills in cosmetic restorative dentistry. Dr. Kirtley's smile creations have graced the covers of magazines locally and abroad. He has treated patients from all over the United States and Europe. Consultations may be scheduled with Dr. Kirtley at his office in Indianapolis, Indiana where you can see the possibilities of what a new smile will bring through the use of Envision A Smile Imaging Software...A way to preview what your smile could look like!

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Dr. George Kirtley is the cosmetic and restorative dentist behind 100s of beautiful smiles with the skills to craft your smile just the way you want. View our smile gallery to evaluate some of the smile make-overs Dr. Kirtley has created through the techniques of Porcelain Laminate Veneers, dental implants and cosmetic dentures. If you are seeking a cosmetic or restorative family care dentist in Indiana to give you or your family the healthy smile you deserve contact us for an appointment.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental Veneers are tailor made shells of porcelain that fit over the surfaces of your teeth. Because they are so malleable, veneers may be made to fit and shape and size with surface characteristics that make them look as natural as possible to fit in with your surrounding teeth. Through dental veneers, we can create a smile perfect for you. If you are interested, take a look at our smile gallery to see the wonderful smiles that we have already created.

Would you like to see what your smile looks like before you commit?

Dr Kirtley is one of the worlds leading cosmetic dentists, having crafted 100s of smiles he takes a unique artistic approach to smile design. Here at our office, we are using a new innovative software developed by Dr. Kirtley himself known as Envision. This software is a Smile Imaging program in which through it, we can show you what your teeth will look like with any adjustments that you would like before you even undergo any cosmetic procedures.

There are veneers... then there are veneers by George Kirtley

It’s no secret that there are tons of types of veneers offered out there today such as Lumineers veneers, Da Vinci Veneers, and Mac Veneers. With so many styles out there, Dr. Kirtley knows that with every smile comes a unique set of teeth, and that there is no one particular style of veneer that can cater to all. Dr. Kirtley works with some of the world’s top ceramists who hand craft each veneer so that every tooth is nothing short of perfection. Using only the highest quality materials, Dr. Kirtley takes into consideration each shape, characteristic, and color of every tooth made. The point is, Dr. Kirtley caters to you, by you, and for you!

What can dental veneers be used for?

Transforming your smile with a smile makeover
Covering discolored teeth
Repairing badly worn, chipped or fractured teeth
Making slightly crooked teeth look straighter
Closing gaps (diastemas) between your teeth

Smile Makeovers

Dr. George Kirtley - The Artist behind your smile

As one of the only three dentists in the world that has been accredited both by the American and British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. George Kirtley has proven his world class cosmetic dentistry to be a true success. Not only does he serve as a cosmetic dentist, but he also is a professor in the art of dentistry as he shows other dentists worldwide how to perfect their techniques in smile design. He is an instructor at the Rosenthal institute and runs his own hands on courses. A true artist to for his craft, Dr. Kirtley has worked hard on his practice and has proven to be one of the best one can find out there.

You are unique! Your smile is unique! Dr. Kirtley can design a smile catered specifically to you! As we all know, every smile is different, and in order to create the perfect smile for you, smile design is critical! Through an innovative smile imaging software, Dr. Kirtley can allow you to flip through the possibilities of change before you make any decisions.

Dr. George Kirtley is the dentist responsible for a multitude of beautiful smiles! As he is an expert in the art of cosmetic dentistry, he has each skill to create your smile exactly the way you want.

Tooth Whitening

Zoom Plus Teeth whitening
Teeth Whitening is especially important in achieving a beautiful white smile. The process of teeth whitening involves bleaching you teeth and removing deep seeded stains that cannot be removed by brushing or regular oral hygiene visits. Here at our Indianapolis office, we use Zoom Plus in-office laser tooth whitening systems in order to help you achieve your whitest and brightest smile! The Zoom system offers amazing results within the process of one hour!

Home bleaching
If in-office bleaching is not the right option for you, we also offer profession home bleaching kits. We customize whitening trays to fit over your teeth and also offer you professional grade whitening solutions in order to carry out the whitening procedure in the comfort of your home. The home bleaching remedy does take a little longer for results to show, however it enables you to do this at your own pace, on your own time!

Cosmetic Imaging

In order to ensure patients the most accurate process through our cosmetic procedures, we use the latest state of the art imaging software, developed by Dr. Kirtley himself called “Envision a Smile.” This innovative software allows us to take a photograph of your smile from all angles and digitally alter it’s appearance in order to show you what your smile could look like with longer teeth, straighter teeth, whiter teeth, or different shaped teeth. Digital imaging gives you the opportunity to preview your new smile and tell us how you would like your smile to look before you decide to pursue a cosmetic procedure.

Meet Dr. Kirtley

Indianapolis Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. George E. Kirtley is presently the only dentist in the State of Indiana to be Accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr Kirtley is also Accredited by the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and at the time of writing is one only 3 dentists in the world to be an Accredited Member of both the British and American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the American Society of Dental Aesthetics and European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Kirtley has the distinct honor of being a March 1999 inductee into the GenR8Next Dental Hall of Fame for his work in smile dentistry. In 2001 he was recognized by nationally syndicated More Magazine as one of America's top ten cosmetic dentists and in 2012 was selected by Consumers Research Council of America as one of Americas Top Dentists and listed on Angie’s List with an "A" rating.

Dr. Kirtley is a product research consultant for Dental Product companies and a teacher and instructor for the Aesthetic Advantage Programs at New York University, NYC; West Palm Beach Atlantic Coast Research Center, West Palm Beach, Florida. As part of his professional instruction, he is also a national lecturer and author of Cosmetic Dentistry articles published in the leading Dental Journals in the United States: Dentistry Today and Contemporary Esthetics, Inside Dentistry, Compendium and in Europe: Dental Implant and Esthetics (UK) and Aesthetic Dentistry (UK).

His staff is trained with advanced dental techniques to give patients a beautiful smile, often in just two appointments - in a comfortable environment. With state-of-the-art video imaging, he can perfect and preview your ultimate smile prior to beginning dental procedures.

With techniques such as bonding, veneers, gum tissue contouring, bleaching, and full mouth rehabilitation/ reconstruction - changes can be made to create dramatic aesthetic and functional improvements in the patients' appearance.